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Aaron Donald Invests In Fast-Growing Sports Nutrition Brand

Ready® Nutrition (@ready_nutrition), one of the fastest growing sports nutrition companies in America, today announced that professional football star Aaron Donald (Twitter: @AaronDonald97, IG: aarondonald99), has joined the company as an investor and co-owner along with Founder and President Pat Cavanaugh, former University of Pittsburgh basketball team captain.

This new partnership ties together two high-energy Pittsburgh entrepreneurs with shared sports, workout and nutrition agendas, all aimed at helping athletes achieve their most ambitious goals. The fifth-year defensive tackle, who was a user and believer in the company’s best in class Ready Protein Water prior to joining Team Ready, will be actively involved in the company’s product development, young athlete and brand awareness programs.

In particular, Donald and Cavanaugh will focus together on high school and youth athlete platforms such as Ready’s Mobile Training Table Program and Ready Talks with Aaron that give advice to athletes, and extensive donations of Ready product to select high school and youth programs nationwide.

Donald and Cavanaugh are confident that all this activity and emphasis will lead to the achievement of a key Ready goal: helping one million athletes achieve one ambitious stretch goal they set for themselves by 2025.

Ready Water is an all-natural, premium sports hydration drink featuring 15 grams of protein, NO Sugar and 5 natural electrolytes. It is currently available nationwide at Sam’s Club, numerous grocery and convenience stores, as well as online through Amazon and the company’s website www.teamready.com.

“We are proud to have Aaron join our Team, especially how well he matches our brand mentality.” said Cavanaugh. “Most importantly, he’s a caring person who likes to help others. We’re excited to partner with someone who is so engaged in helping young people and at the same time is known to be a relentless worker, on and off the field. We LOVE people who believe in our products and our philosophy that it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. Aaron epitomizes this.”

“I play hard and I train even harder,” said Donald. “I’ve learned during my career through a lot of trial and error that getting the right quality nutrition products in my body can make a big difference in how I perform. So, I am very particular about what I put in my body, very particular. Ready Water’s combination of protein, no sugar, and all-natural electrolytes checked all the boxes for me. I’ve looked at hundreds of brand partnerships over the past couple years and have found very few that match my standards and interests in making a difference in a global community. The fact that Pat, also a Pitt guy, shares the same mindset about hard work and helping others, and runs the business with that mindset every day, made Ready the perfect fit for me.”

Most recently Ready and Aaron made a large donation of Ready Water to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to help hydrate the firefighters during their recent battles with wildfires across Southern California.