Ready Foundation

For much of his athletic and business careers, Ready® Founder and CEO, Pat Cavanaugh has been driven by a desire to help other people, to use his success as a platform to assist the less fortunate or to inspire and help youth—especially athletes– achieve their personal or athletic goals. To formalize this passion Pat has established The Ready® Foundation, an IRS 501c(3) charitable organization dedicated to furthering his vision of assisting people in all walks of life.

That assistance can come in the form of donating Ready® products and monetary resources to areas of need. In the past those donations have gone out to first responders battling California and Australian wildfires, elementary and secondary school student feeding programs during the Covid-19 pandemic and to healthcare workers of major healthcare systems in various markets like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Los Angeles.

More lasting is the Foundation’s work in establishing goal mentality, motivation, training, and nutritional education programs for young athletes utilizing Ready®’s Goal Game Plan Program, Ready® Talks and Mobile Training Table initiatives. The Foundation’s goal is to use its financial and product resources cooperatively with the company’s partners and advocates to expand these charitable ventures nationwide, especially targeting those student-athletes in less fortunate communities.

In addition, the Foundation sponsors its own Crons (Come Ready or Never Start) Basketball Club, dedicated to providing quality coaching and competition as well as many of the Foundation’s educational resources and programs for its players.

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