U.S. raised cows are fed a variety of natural crops to satisfy their protein, energy and fiber needs to produce milk and remain healthy & happy.


Dairy cows are milked two to three times daily. Each day caretakers assess the health and living environment of the herd.


The milk is loaded into insulated tankers and tested upon plant arrival. It’s held in insulated silos until the whey processing starts.


The milk is stirred and cooked to separate most of the casein protein and fat (curds) from the water and the rest of the proteins (whey) and minerals.

Cross-Flow Microfiltration

Whey, lactose and minerals go through several chemical-free filtration processes to separate protein from undesirable fat and cholesterol, based on molecular size and shape.

Whey Protein

The percentage of ß-lactoglobulin and valuable bioactive components remain intact, leading to a better amino acid profile, more calcium and less sodium.

Natural Sweeteners

All natural sweeteners, such as monk fruit extract and stevia leaf extract, are added. No sugar and never any sugar alcohols.

Natural Colors

Color is added using 100% natural fruit and vegetable juice. Nothing artificial and never any dyes.

Quality Testing

Each and every batch is quality tested by a third party testing lab to verify all required food safety, allergen and stated nutritional information.