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We live by the motto “Make your Best, Better”, and we try to help our communities get better as well. So we’ve developed programs for athletes that provide guidance for their nutrition & mentality.

Goal Program

Studies show you increase your chances by 50% to achieve your goals when you write them down. We’ve developed a 30-Day Goal Program for athletes that provides a simple playbook to achieve their goals in sports, academics and in their personal life.

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Training Table

We bring nutritionists to athletes, teams and communities with our Mobile Training Table program, providing free nutrition guidance and products. There are 12 modules to choose from, each touching on different subjects and food groups. Each session is 30 minutes, providing individualized attention to each attendee.

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Ready® Talks

Ready Talks are given by current and former athletes and coaches to athletes at all levels on how to prepare for any sport. They were inspired by our founder, Pat Cavanaugh, who has faced countless sporting scenarios. Now he hopes to teach every athlete how to maximize their opportunities, regardless of their situation.

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I'm Ready Coach

Ready for more responsibility but not sure how to achieve it? Then simply email us your questions, and our athletes will provide confidential tips on how to elevate your game. It can be about anything ranging from how to become a starter, or just how to get more playing time.

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The Ready®

Our mission is to educate young people on the importance of setting goals and to provide instruction on how to track and achieve them. The Crons (Come Ready or Never Start) Basketball Club, is part of the foundation, and sponsors forums for nutrition, physical training, injury prevention, academics and motivation.

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In Good Company

Each of our valuable partners work in collaboration with us in our mission of helping athletes achieve their goals.

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