Attitude. Effort. Energy triangle

If It Was Easy,
Anyone Could Do It

We are driven by our “Ready Triangle Mentality” – Effort, Attitude and Energy. This foundation is at the core of everything we do. It’s in our Culture, our Team members, our Products, our Quality. It defines us. It inspires us. It drives us to develop best in class products, provide energy for our customers so they can give maximum effort and motivates them to have a great attitude in their quest to achieve their goals.

Pat Cavanaugh - Ready Founder

Make Your Best Better

Growing up I was told I was too small, too short, too slow…blah blah blah… I said “I’ll find a way”.

When people heard I turned down a full-scholarship to play quarterback at a smaller Division 1 school to pay my own way and walk-on at The University of Pittsburgh, they said I was crazy… I said “I’ll find a way”.

They said I would never earn a scholarship at a major Division 1 school like Pitt…I said “I’ll find a way”.

After earning a full-scholarship to play basketball (yes basketball, I played both sports) at Pitt, they said I would never play… I said “I’ll find a way”.

After earning a letter all 4 years and being a 2-Time Captain…people said my career was over… I said “I’ll find a way”.

When I founded Ready® and developed sports nutrition products people told me, “This tastes – pretty good.” “It’s not bad.” “People should think this is okay.” – I said “No Way”!

I live by the quote “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” Every single product that has been developed and released for others to enjoy has gone through that same level of expectation and quality standard. I want the best for myself, the best for my products; and I want to share those with others to help them achieve their goals.