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5 Reasons Why We Love People Who Work Like an Underdog!

1. It’s a great reminder that others don’t define your limits, you do. Anything is possible.

2. Aaron Donald was a 3 Star Recruit in High School and was told he was too small.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo was doubted as a young kid growing up if he was even strong enough to play in the NBA.

4. The Top 5 Rated NFL 100 Players were 3 Star High School Recruits. Not a Single 4 or 5-Star among them.

5. Every Professional Athlete Can Share a Story on the Adversity, Challenges and Doubters they had to overcome. Much respect to each of them.

Always 2 More…

6. Because We ALL are Underdogs at different times in our lives.

7. Love the Doubt. Love the Doubt. Love the Doubt.