Today. Right Now. You Have a Choice to Make. A Decision. An Opportunity.

Will you spend the rest of today, tomorrow, and the day after; as if you have thousands of days left in your life? Putting in your time. OR – Will you come ready to act as if these are the last days of your life – to take a place in history that is so special, so unique, and forever change the game; forever change the world. To create your own legacy, then go like crazy and make that come true. What will you do?

Our brand is for people who take more pride in their hard work than their talent or current situation. It’s not for people who’ve had it easy. It’s for people who have had to fight, scratch and claw for everything they’ve earned. And they’re proud of it. I guess you can say we work like an underdog. We love to prove people wrong. See, we weren’t given a chance early on – too much competition, haven’t been around long enough, won’t be able to last. Didn’t have a fancy agency to design our campaigns. We didn’t look the part. We weren’t the norm.

See, I’ve been told those same things in my life; and it inspired me to work even harder. I ignored the noise just like I have my whole life. It fueled me to keep working, even after everyone else had gone home. It proved to me that eventually effort and attitude will succeed. I am living proof. Our brand is living proof.

When challenges and adversity happen–and they will–keep moving forward. You can overcome anything when you choose to handle tough times with a great attitude. You will prove to yourself that when you get knocked down – your next step is still forward. And there’s no better feeling to get knocked down and then show the world your next step is still forward. Don’t ever forget that – ever!

Being your best in life is necessary in good times and challenging times. There are things in life you can’t control. The weather. How others act. How tall you will be. But you can control your effort and attitude each and every day.

Effort and Attitude is what I am about…what our brand is about…and what our company is about. You now have the opportunity to join us and be a part of the Ready Family.

Welcome – We’ve Been Waiting for You!

– Pat Cavanaugh, Founder & President