Aaron Donald and Pat Cavanaugh

Pat Cavanaugh
Welcomes Aaron Donald to the
Ready Team

The first time I met Aaron I walked into the room and he was sitting down with his back to me. As I walked in, he stood up, turned around, and gave me a firm handshake. He looked me in the eye and said “Nice to meet you”. This may sound like an ordinary, every day introduction, but it said a lot about him right off the bat. In today’s world, to have someone at any age look you in the eye and give you a firm handshake speaks volumes, especially coming from someone as accomplished as Aaron.

I’ve played with hundreds of guys in football and basketball and I’ve always said “Everyone looks good in warmups.” So many people talk a good game, but very few have the discipline, commitment, and relentless work ethic to do the little things day in and day out to be great. I knew Aaron was a grinder, someone who enjoyed the process of working like crazy to be the best he could be. That’s my kind of guy.

All of that being said, I knew we wouldn’t be able to work together if Aaron wasn’t a user and believer in our products. He told me right away that he’s always loved our Ready Water and the idea of partnering with a brand that puts so much emphasis on clean, all-natural ingredients. The rest is history.

– Pat Cavanaugh, Founder